The Toolbox Team Turf Talk

Starting in early 2020, The Toolbox Team facilitates a fortnightly Turf Industry Talk for less than 60 minutes every fortnight.

We have had guests including former NRL Kangaroo and QLD Maroon David Shillington, Josh Quarmby from Blokepedia (men’s mental health expert), CEO of The Australian Sports Turf Managers Association Mark Unwin and many more.

Turf managers from across Australia, New Zealand and Asia have joined our talks with representatives from the golf, bowls, private school, local government, parks and gardens, open space and sports field industries.

Industry Updates – Leadership Topic – That QUIZ!

Free for all turf industry members! Trade very welcome. No judgement, selling or criticism. Sharing experiences and ideas are preferred, hold back on the direct advice. Please put your name or facility name in your Zoom access.

Meeting Invitation (for all future meetings):

Password: 581405


  • Thanks to all that visited us throughout the year and talked all about turf and everything else. Thanks to the special guests along our journey including David Shillington, Josh Quarmby, Mark Unwin and many more.

    Thank you all who helped us get through this roller coaster that was 2020. Turf Talk will be back in 2021.

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays.