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Leadership and building a high-performing safety culture takes commitment.

Leadership in the sports turf industry is challenging, in a dynamic and stressful environment. With so much happening at any point in time, and so many variables beyond our control, the people in our teams determine our success. A turf manager’s ability to lead, influence and engage their team is essential to building a thriving, safe and high-performing culture.

People First is designed to be a short, sharp, practical reference book for a range of research, industry examples, leadership and safety management concepts. Featuring expert commentary from more than 40 sports turf managers and a range of practical tools for you to implement today in life and work, People First is ‘hands-on’ leadership with real examples of success, failure, learning and vulnerability.

For $27.95 + postage, your purchase includes a hardcover edition and instant access to the audiobook. 100% of the profit from the sale of People First will be donated to charity.

“Great research, real-world examples and a unique insight into the challenges of our industry. People First should be in every turf facility across the country.”

Phil Beal – Golf Course Superintendent, The Australian Golf Club

“Delivers really clear insights into the nature of leadership, and both inspires and empowers. I would encourage all Sports Turf Managers to read this book and absorb the lessons Ben engagingly covers.”

Mark Unwin – Chief Executive Officer, Australian Sports Turf Managers Association

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