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The Toolbox Team is made up of a dedicated group of professionals who love what we do. We have long seen an opportunity to change the perception of safety and environmental compliance onsite, making it practical, clearer and more effective.

Ben Gibson from The Toolbox Team

Ben Gibson

Chief Executive Officer

Darren Hellicar from The Toolbox Team

Darren Hellicar

Tech Lead

Simone Mitchell from The Toolbox Team

Simone Mitchell

Client Lead

Steve Eddy from The Toolbox Team

Steve Eddy

Client Manager

Matt Tierney from The Toolbox Team

Matt Tierney

Client Manager

It is our privilege to help our clients develop a culture onsite that integrates team safety behaviours and instils ownership amongst their staff. Time and time again we have enjoyed watching this improve communication, quality and engagement across the site. Our mission is to take compliance from being something sites ‘have to do’ and embed it into the Club’s values, and ethos and threaded throughout their DNA.

Charities We Support

We have built our business around the concept of community support. By community, we mean family, business and social good. All our team work flexibly, in an environment that suits their productivity and lifestyle. Our customer service is shared to provide the best support for our clients and also balance for the team. We have all identified charities that are close to us personally.

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