Simone Mitchell

Client Lead

Simone Mitchell from The Toolbox Team

1300 366 186

[email protected]

Simone is the nerve centre of The Toolbox Team that coordinates all of our client resources, and technical support and gets all our materials out to clients onsite.

I think we would all admit Simone is the most organised member of the team! And we treasure her influence over our business, systems and client leadership : )

Simone joined The Toolbox Team just after a chapter living in Japan with her family, loves travelling with her husband and kids and is our resident food and wine buff.

For existing clients, Simone is great to reach out to for access to resources (both digital and hardcopy).

Ben Gibson from The Toolbox Team

Ben Gibson

Chief Executive Officer

Darren Hellicar from The Toolbox Team

Darren Hellicar

Tech Lead

Steve Eddy from The Toolbox Team

Steve Eddy

Client Manager

Matt Tierney from The Toolbox Team

Matt Tierney

Client Manager

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