Resilience and Elasticity through Preparation and Systems

A team's elasticity is its ability to bounce back from challenges and improve.

Elasticity is a great way of referring to a team’s ability to return to a state of improved performance following adversity or challenge. This concept is universally applicable to turf surfaces, environmental sustainability, financial performance, physical health and more as it tests the preparation and systems in place prior to the impacting event.

Our level of elasticity is tied directly to our situational awareness, review of potential influencing factors in the surrounding environment and the structure we have put in place to manage these occurrences. We can invest in the elasticity of our teams and work environment by implementing physical systems to provide clarity and structure to operations in challenging and uncertain times.

Equally as powerful are the cultural norms, level of consultation and support that exists amongst your team. Investing in relationships, communicating openly and fairly, understanding their strengths and weaknesses and empowering your work group has a major impact on their ability to operate clearly and decisively under pressure.

Giving your team the confidence and your support to function cohesively in challenging times is the ultimate form of delegation. This means giving them the support and encouragement to try their own ideas, not berate them if they try and fail but support their innovation and growing independence.

They win from the personal satisfaction of accomplishment and independent achievement and guess what? You win too!

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